About Us

The company was established as a result of restructuring and taking over the potential of the former technical departments of the port of Gdynia. Our activity is focused on the main services:

- comprehensive assembly of large-size steel structures of cranes and gantries
- repairs and overhauls of stevedoring and transport equipment
- transport services of large-size steel structures using the SPMT modules

Since the establishment of the company, we have been gradually increasing our scope of services and expanding the range of customers, noting a systematic increase in sales. Over 20 years of experience in the field of assembly of container lifting equipment pay off in many prestigious projects in the country and abroad.

Our most important projects in recent years include: comprehensive assembly of all container handling equipment in the youngest Polish Terminal - Deepwater Container Terminal in Gdańsk (2007/2008/2011/2012/2016/2019) and participation in the modernization of the HHLA container terminal in Hamburg (2006 / 2007/2008/2011).

Successfully completion of 30 automated stacking cranes (ASC) operating in Abu Dhabi in 2011/2012 resulted in another significant assembly contract - 20 automatic ASC cranes for the terminal in New York (2013-2014).

Currently, PZT is completing deliveries (2017-2020) of fully assembled 86 automatic ASC cranes to American Terminals in Virginia and Norfolk. Further assembly projects (2019) are starting in Abu Dhabi - 24 ASC and on our assembly site for a customer from Israel - 30 ASC in 2020-2021.

Our biggest advantages are the perfect location in the immediate vicinity of the port quay, experienced and highly qualified technical staff, ready to take on the most difficult tasks, as well as numerous acquired licenses and references.