Portowy Zakład Techniczny (PZT) Spółka z o.o. began its operations on April 1, 1995. The company was established as a result of the restructuring and commercialization process of the state-owned enterprise Port of Gdynia Authority in Gdynia. The restructuring process based on transformation process from the state-owned enterprise into commercial law companies.

The Chief Mechanic Departments consisting of the electrical, mechanical, engineering and civil engineering departments as well as the stevedoring equipment repair department constituted the core of the new structure – Port Technical Company Ltd. The first years of the Company's operations (1995-2001) were an intensive period of deep organizational changes and the search for possible markets for its services outside the traditional internal port market.

As a result of these changes, until 2001, which can be described as the first stage of transformation, the Company reduced employment by almost 40% (from 370 in 1995 to 224 in 2001), achieving a significant increase in turnover (from about PLN 10 million in 1996 - the first full financial year to over PLN 23 million in 2001).
The most important, from the point of view of further development of the company, were the successful and well-assessed first assembly contracts of container gantries (RTG), the breakthrough was one of the biggest contract for the assembly of the country's largest gantry crane in Gdynia Shipyard - gantry with a load capacity of 1,000 tons of huge dimensions. The length 150 meters, height - 126 meters and weight - about 3 thousand tons and with a carrying capacity of 1000 tons is now a well-recognizable architectural object in the landscape of Gdynia. At that time, two main directions of sales of services provided by PZT took shape; sale of services in the civil and construction industry - mainly to the internal Port of Gdynia market and sale of assembly services in the mechanical and electrical scopes – mainly to foreign contractors.

The following years brought the strengthening of the company's position on the internal port market and stabilization of turnover in this area. The internal - port market of civil construction services, both infrastructure and investment repairs is a market with significant capacity and, is well recognized by PZT. At the same time, there was a significant increase in cooperation and turnover with foreign contractors in the field of assembly of large equipment, in particular container handling equipment. Constant cooperation has been established with world leaders in the production of port container equipment resulting in a stable order portfolio to this day.

In 2010, the company changed ownership. The Management Board of the Company conducted a successful MBOut operation and Management Board of Directors acquired 100 percent of the Company's shares. There was also a significant acceleration in the scope and extent of international cooperation - in particular with global leaders in the production of handling equipment. During this time, the equipment assembly segment became dominant and in 2015 the Company completed the provision of construction services to the Port of Gdynia Company and surrounding entities.
In 2013, the Company purchased the SPMT modular transport set as an extension of its service and technical capabilities. The current set of 3, 4 and 6 axis modules enables the transport of large-size structures weighing up to 1,600 tons.

Since the privatization, the Company has been intensively conducting activities aimed at continuous improvement of competitiveness on the global market of assembly services. These activities result in a good recognition of our services in the world, recognition of their quality and timeliness, and most importantly for us a stable, diversified portfolio of orders of global industry leaders.