New investment in Port Technical Company – Self-Propelled Modular Transporter.

Our Company walking ahead expectation of our clients has bought in 2013 set of SPMTs from Scheuerle – Germany. At this moment in our disposal are four platforms each four axels, four platforms each six axles, two platforms each three axles and four Power Packs. Total payload of all platforms is around 1600T (more data in “Technical informations”). The four Power Packs will allow us easily enlarge the system up to 100 axels lines and increase max. payload up to 3000T. New investment let us provide complex service for our clients starting from assembly through loading, transporting by sea to final customer up to unloading and positioning at final place. The Investment starts development of new kind of services provided by Port Technical Company that are focus on transportation of heavy loads and oversized cargo not only for internal purposes but also for heavy industry, energetics, chemical, refinery and civil engineering.

We invite all interested parties to cooperation.

Portowy Zakład Techniczny has been nominated to ESTA Awards of Excellence.